Lego Movie

I probably have two reviews of Lego and I can’t decide which to embrace

Review No.1
This movie has a lot of goodwill in the bank from hours of playing with Lego as a child, back in the days of child like innocence. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it for days. It is bonkers and a whirl, so much of a whirl that I feel like I only caught a fraction of the film and want to see it again. The creativity and playfulness of creating with Lego is caught on camera and I was engrossed, it takes the mick out of things such as micro managers and self help manuals and the surly Batman made me smile. There is one part of the movie plot which I think detracts rather than enhances from the experience, but I didn’t even mind it so much. With so much going overall it was almost like a welcome time out.I enjoyed it and want to see it again.

Review No.2
This movie is the work of very clever corporations who have taken creativity and colouring outside the lines and turned it into an extended advertisement that will do wonder for sales of Lego and brand overall as well as film studios. I had fun, enjoyed the experience and wanted to go home immediately and play with my Lego. I walked past ‘The Art and Hobby’ Shop afterwards and the Lego sets seemed to be jumping out wanting to be bought, and I’m an adult. If I was a parent with a child walking past the shop after watching the movie I’d want to buy something. It was like watching a really cool movie about Apple or Coca Cola that you enjoy.

Creativity and believing in your ability to change the world seems to be something that we can’t challenge as it is seen as something good and desirable. The Lego movie gets away with being an extended advertisement as it encourages peoples to play and create. Yet that is also linked up with making a lot of money for Lego. And because that it is at the back of my mind it makes it hard to sit back and enjoy the show. But I did enjoy the show.


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