some things to be aware of


1 Be aware that we are materially rich compared to the vast majority of people who have lived before or even now.

2 Be aware that everything we buy has been made, grown, processed somewhere by someone. The things we take from granted do not materialize from thin air.

3 Be aware that turning on a tap to get clean drinking water in a warm, secure home is an incredible privilege.

4 Be aware that governments and big business are harvesting our online activity.

5 Be aware that our riches and high standard of living may depend on our global neighbours being treated like slaves.

6 Be aware that we can’t control some natural disasters. We can’t stop tsunamis.

7 Be aware that we may be contributing to and influencing other natural disasters.

8 Be aware of nature. Learn the names of creatures.

9 Be aware that the human lust for power and control is a deadly thing.

10 Be aware that just because something costs us little doesn’t mean that it was cheap for someone else to provide or make.

11 Be aware that our western lifestyle depends completely on access to cheap oil.

12 Be aware that the world is infinitely complex with endless variations.

13 Be aware that loneliness and alienation is deadly.

14 Be aware that we depend on the health of the soil.

15 Be aware of nationalism and tribalism in all its forms.

16 Be aware of how much we waste and needlessly throw away.

17 Be aware of principalities and powers.

18 Be aware of the loss of character and individuality in our towns and cities.

19 Be aware of our addiction to technology. Don’t believe that it will make life easier or better.

20 Be aware that matter matters just as much as the spirit.

21 Be aware of the history and stories of your locality.

22 Be aware that you mightn’t get paid for good work. It’s value doesn’t depend on it being noticed.

23 Be aware that you don’t need the latest iphone.Companies are only telling you you do to grow company profits and increase like on like sales.

24 Be aware that the most important thing isn’t the economy and economic growth.

25 Be aware that Google doesn’t have the answer.

26 Be aware that we live by gift and grace. You did nothing to be born and didn’t earn it.

27 Be aware that PA systems and speakers, microphones change the tone and character of your voice.

28 Be aware that you are not a robot or a machine. Your brain is not a computer.

29 Be aware of the poor and oppressed. Stand up for mercy and justice.

30 Be aware of miracles and mystical experience, things that can’t easily be explained by science.

31 Be aware of how constantly looking a computer screens changes our perception of reality.


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