if the tweets disappear

Leaving Facebook seems to be impossible.

I had come up with a technique of randomly typing a password, copying that random password and using paste to change my old Facebook password to one that I could never guess even if I had a million monkeys trying to tap it in for a million years. 

The password change information was then sent to an old email account that I can’t remember the password for.

So as far as I was concerned I was locked out and couldn’t be tempted to re-active my account. It’s not a  concern, I’m locked out.
For the last few days I thought that it was over. 

That was until I announced that our gate had blown off since H was away for a few days and she said that she had seen that already on Facebook.
But how had she seen that? I have left Facebook.

Or so I thought.
Because I hadn’t left Facebook. I’d forgotten to disconnect the link between Facebook and Twitter. 
If only I could log into Facebook I could fix it. But I can’t, I’m locked out.

So it looks like it might be a case of randomly generating Twitter passwords and locking myself out of it as well.
Hopefully this will be the last thing to appear on the old Facebook timeline. 


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