La crique

La crique

We’re still getting our vegetable box delivered each week but somewhere over the Christmas holidays someone in the house (probably me) bought a 10kg bag of potatoes that has lead to a back log of spuds that need eaten.

I am trying to redeem my relationship with potatoes which means learning to appreciate the hassle of having to wash or peel them and empty them into the compost heap and finding recipes that are a bit more exciting that boiling them or don’t involve adding buckets of butter.
Also recipes that don’t involve using an oven to bake them would be good as that adds extra carbon to the air.

So I gave this recipe for potato and garlic cake, (La Crique) a go and it was tasty in my opinion.

Basically grate 1kg of peeled potatoes.
Beat two eggs with pepper, salt and a garlic clove bashed with some salt.
Mix them all together (I took the clove out as I don’t like discovering a lump of garlic when I don’t expect it).
Heat a frying pan, add 4tbsp of olive oil, spread the mixture over and gently cook for 15mins shaking every so often to stop it sticking.
Turn over when crisp at the bottom and cook for 5

The recipe is in my favourite cook book, European Peasant Cookery by Elizabeth Luard.


4 thoughts on “La crique”

    1. I thought it was good, but then again I was very hungry and would probably have eaten anything. According to the book it is called ‘matafaim’ in Provençal , which means ‘hunger killer.’
      The other tip it said in the recipe which I hadn’t heard before was to heat the pan up before adding the oil as it helps to stop things sticking. I need to find a better tortilla one that the one I’ve been using as it uses too much oil, so I’ll give that one a go sometime. Thanks!

    1. I love spuds as well. Well most of the time.Sometimes I wonder how many hours of her life my gran spent peeling pototoes. The trick for me is to forget about some of the meals I had growing up and pretend they’re a new and exotic vegetable. Dried mashed potatoes, boiled to pulp cabbage and bone dry crispy bacon still haunt me!

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