‘fear of’ autocomplete

'fear of' autocomplete

Fear of abandonment, animals, a blank planet, a black planet.
Fear of buttons, being alone, being sick, birds.
Fear of clowns, crowds, commitment, crime.

Fear of death, dying, driving, dentist.
Fear of eating, everything, escalators.
Fear of flying, failure, falling.

Fear of God, going outside, growing old, giving birth.
Fear of heights, holes, hospitals, Halloween.
Fear of intimacy, injections, insects.

Fear of judgement, jewelry, jellyfish, jumping.
Fear of knees, knives, kettles, kissing.
Fear of long words, loud noises, leaving the house, love.

Fear of men, missing out, music, mice.
Fear of needles, numbers, negative evaluation.
Fear of open spaces, open water, odd numbers, octopus.

Fear of public speaking, people, pregnancy, pigeons.
Fear of questions, queues, quitting job, quizzes.
Fear of rejection, relationships, rats, rabbits.

Fear of spiders, snakes, small holes, sleep.
Fear of the dark, the unknown.
Fear of unknown, underwater, uncertainty, urinating in public.

Fear of vomiting, vegetables, veins, velvet.
Fear of water, wind, worms.
Fear of xylophones.

Fear of yourself, yellow, youth, yogurt.
Fear of zippers, zebras, zombie apocalypse.

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