‘can’t afford to’ autocomplete

(I’m interested in the sorts of questions people  ask Google about.  The way I do that is to pick a word or question, add each letter of the alphabet at the end and then let autocomplete do the rest….like ‘Anxiety is a…Anxiety is b….’. Just in case you read some and get  worried about me!)moria)

can’t afford to adopt, attend wedding, attend funeral
can’t afford to buy in London, buy food, break up, buy Christmas present
can’t afford to change careers
can’t afford to divorce, do jury service, divorce husband
can’t afford to eat, eat healthy, eat everyday, eat out
can’t afford to feed my dog, fix my car, fix my teeth, fix house

can’t afford to get to work, get married, get divorced, go to dentist
can’t afford to heat my home, have a baby, heat home, heat my house
can’t afford insulin, iva payments, ipad next best thing?

can’t afford jury service, can’t afford juicer
can’t afford to keep my cat, my house, my dog, my horse
can’t afford to live, live in London, live together, live UK
can’t afford to move out, move homes, move, move out of parents home
can’t afford to neuter my dog

can’t afford overdraft fees
can’t afford to put heating on, pay mortgage, pay phone contract, pay rent
can’t afford to quit my job
can’t afford to rent, retire, run a car
can’t afford to split up, smoke, save, sell my house

can’t afford to tip, travel to work, take pet to vet, take maternity leave
can’t afford to volunteer, visit college,
can’t afford to work, work childcare
can’t afford YMCA membership


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