bored with autocomplete

I’m bored.
Bored with Android phone and alcohol.
Bored with boyfriend,  brown hair and  baby.
Bored with Christmas, church, Candy Crush and current job.

I’m bored.
Bored with DIY, daily routine, drinking alcohol and dinner.
Bored with everything. Bored with engineering and  exercise.
Bored with Facebook, food, family life and friends.
Bored with GTA 5 , gaming and girlfriend.
Bored with hair, husband and his obedience training.

I’m bored.
Bored with iphone, ipad,  internet and ironing.
Bored with job, Jesus and Jailbreak
Bored with KPOP,  knitting, kissing and Kate Middleton.
Bored with life. Bored with long hair.
Bored with my life, bored with my hair, bored with my job, bored with my husband.

I’m bored.
Bored with newborn, nothing to do, no money. Bored with no money –  what can I do?
Bored with office job and online dating.
Bored with PS4,  partner , programming,  prozac and the internet
Bored with quotes with pictures and life quotes.
Bored with relationship, routine , reality, retirement.

I’m bored.
Bored with Sims 3 and Skyrim.
Bored with the internet, teaching, this and Twitter.
Bored with university and Ubuntu.
Bored with video games, vegetables and vaping.

I’m bored.
Bored with work and working out. Bored with weed.
Bored with X Factor , X Box One, X Box 360,Xenoblade.
Bored with your hair and your life and your job and your partner
Bored with Zumba  Bored with Zombie soccer.


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