Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice is a documentary that follows James Balog and his attempt to gather undeniable evidence of climate change.

From an artistic point of view, I didn’t really enjoy it that much.

From the ‘gathering undeniable evidence of climate change’ point of view the photo and film footage of glaciers melting at unprecedented rates are a more persuasive argument than most out there. You can see how much the landscape has changed in a short period of time.

The stuff has been on my mind a lot recently due to the storms of the last month. Walking along the from Salthill to Galway I am suddenly more aware how vulnerable my new home is to flooding and the sea.  Then there are all those places along the coast that got a battering as well.

Something has been stirring in me that I may have been too blasé or that I haven’t done enough about it.

I was reading this article and it was suggesting that climate change is a civil rights issue.

‘In the Civil Rights Movement we marched hand in hand facing dogs and fire hoses, risking imprisonment and worse for the sake of future generations. The same question is in front of us today when it comes to climate change. What are you willing to sacrifice and what are you willing to personally do to hand down a better world to our children?’
Reverend Dr. Gerald L. Durley



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