Fantasy Raised Bed League

I’ve been trying to work out what I should grow in the garden next year. It seems like a long way away, but it’s not really if I want to plant my next choice

I have been thinking over whether I want to grow things I really need but are cheap to buy or concentrate on things that are a bit harder to get and more expensive, but maybe not as basic. I think that I’m coming down on the side that it would be better to grow things I use all the time. So that leads me in the direction of onions and garlic. And when it comes to planting garlic now is the time to do it, which means that now is the time to buy it. I reckon that I use a garlic bulb every 3 weeks or so, so if I had 30 bulbs or so planted that would mean that I could keep the extra ones to plant the following year

Onions are cheap and readily available which is good because they are probably the must useful vegetable in our kitchen. It also means that if I wanted to grow enough to keep us supplied I’d be aiming for 150 of them (provided they are a good size). But then the onions I would grow wouldn’t store for a whole year so maybe a 100 onions and some..

I’m interested in shallots as they store for longer than onions. Also by cutting the odd green shoot I could avoid having to grow spring onions. So that would be like a I find it hard to use the bunches of spring onions that come in out veg box and probably waste them the most. 


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