8 things I like about getting a veg box (as I couldn’t think of 10)


A veg box has been arriving on the doorstep each Thursday for the last month. Here are 8 things about it that I like

1 It is exciting. Perhaps I’ll grow out of it but there is the surprise of wondering what will be in your box this week. (Perhaps I need to get out more)

2 Most of it is grown in a farm 8miles outside Galway. There is something satisfying about knowing that you can email the owner of the farm and hsay ‘Hey, those cabbages you are growing taste great‘ or ‘Can you stop sending me broccoli?‘.

3 There is the sense that you are preventing the town being homogenized. I went into a shopping centre last week and it is the only part of Galway I disliked. The reason was that it looking like the shopping centres in Lisburn, Dublin, Belfast, Cheltenham. Suddenly I was no longer in unique place but no place with the same stores and shopping malls that have destroyed towns and made them identikit.  I could get my veg there in Tesco and have the same shopping experience I’ve had all over Ireland and the UK but I’ll be helping homogenize Galway and homogenize myself and other people.

4 The veg are organic. I I think there is a bit of guff surrounding organic vegetables but at the end of the day it seems to me to be more in tune with loving Creation in a respectful way. I realise that they are more expensive but the cheaper vegetables maybe have hidden costs that are mounting up?

5 As they are organic you have to pay a bit more for it and thing like onions can be smaller in size. Because you are paying more you don’t want to waste what you have paid good money for and try not to waste them or let them go off. Also it forces you to eat your veg on days that you would rather not, sort of like your mum would have told you to do growing up.

6 It gets delivered to your doorstep. You leave out the box he brought last week and a box of veg is left on your doorstep.

7 The vegetables are good quality and look really fresh. Apparently they would have been harvested yesterday. I was just looking at a romanesco and thought ‘That is just a beautiful piece of work…’

8 The owner sends out an email every week and there is activity on their Facebook page. You  feel like they take joy and pride from their work and you want to support people like that.


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