dressing like the devil

I’m looking at the front of  this months Reach Out magazine featuring the image of a carved pumpkin and the words ‘Should I let my children go trick or treating?‘ on the front.

This is what I think.

I think that the devil is laughing as Christians wonder about whether  kids should dress up as a witch or ghost for a hour or two a year while not worrying about where or how the clothes that kids (and adults)  wear for the other 364+ days of the year come from.
We’re worried about the harm that might be caused young impressionable minds in wearing a scary mask but not so worried hearing reports about child labour or seeing the pictures from that clothes factory fire in Bangladesh where over 1100 people died.

Maybe if we are worried about the darkness and wickedness of wearing the devils clothes on Halloween night then we should be looking at the sweatshops, the companies that sell those sorts of clothes, the suppliers  etc rather than the kids in our neighbourhood knocking on the door dressed as a ghost and looking for treats?


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