pack it up, pack it in


I’ve had a nice couple of weeks from drawing the harbour in Annalong to my neighbour cooking lunch to the bright blue skies and warm weather.

But at the same time there has also been an undercurrent of  impending change and disruption because in a few days the 7.5T lorry comes to transport us away from the familiarity (or relative familiarity) of Lambeg and  out west to Galway, to put down roots again and settle in a new town with new people while at the same time trying to maintain the friendships made in the other places.

Lots of people have been saying that they think Galway might suit me better than Lisburn and although that may be true (or not..we shall see!) and I’m looking forward to exploring I’m  nervous and if you can say such things when you’re a 35 yr old man, scared, worried, nervous, really unsettled.

Saying goodbye and packing is tiring, trying to make the most of the time you have here and appreciate the kindness people have shown is a bit overwhelming.
When you get on that lorry on Wednesday you’re not just driving into a relaxing holiday or time of relaxation. You’re diving into saying hello, getting to know where your newest shop is, learning names and rhythms, trying to live life well in new territory.
In a way I think  some people think that it will be a fresh start and that because it’s a fresh start you are sprightly and raring to go. That is not what I’m feeling tonight in a house of vacuum bags and cardboard boxes. I feel weary. Excited yes, but weary. And nervous.


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