penguin box guitar

I think it was this time last year I was experimenting a bit with biscuit tin guitars and the like and this weekend I cobbled another version together from an old box of Penguin postcards. The frustration of having no room got to me and I rushed it but I’ve learned a lot of lessons for what to do the next time. I will go a bit slower, I’ll hopefully have a little more room and we’ll have an awesome little guitar.


In other news we are  getting ready to move to Galway. I’m  excited but even more worried and scared.
But that is a blog for another day..

cigar a155
cigar b156 cigar c157


2 thoughts on “penguin box guitar”

  1. You’re moving to Galway??!!

    That sounds like the kind of place that might be a good fit for you guys. I hope this next chapter has more of a sense of peace and home and those kinds of good things. A place to belong. I know Lisburn hasn’t been that kind of place for you…

    When do you go?

    1. hey JM,
      yeah, we’re hopefully heading down to Galway mid June or so, it’s the joint Methodist Presbyterian one so we’re excited about it (we like the idea of being more united rather than just Presbyterian) but also wetting ourselves a bit as it’s scary.
      Lots of Africans that speak French for H__ to talk to and you know me, trying not to be too excited as I know life won’t be easier once I get away from Lisburn but secretly really excited because I think that it might be a better fit down there, and when I walk about Galway I don’tfeel judged for looking scruffy.
      I get a bit worried that it will be so overwhelming,or you could let it be overwhelming. Standing down in the main street last summer reminded me of one of those wild life programs when you see shoals of sardines swimming past the camera. There seems to be a constant flow of people and even when we tell people that we’re going to Galway lots of people say ‘We’ll have to come down and see you’ which they wouldn’t say if we were going to Larne or Portadown‘. I keep imagining that there could be people wanting to stay every weekend all at the same time as you’re trying to a faithful member of a church and reaching out to Galway. So maybe I worried about how the boundaries and that sort of thing. But yes, I’m really excited!

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