‘we want some leadership from the church on this issue..’

sermonI am watching a clip on the BBC website with a priest being interviewed on  a program saying that people in his church have been approaching him and saying ‘We want some leadership from the church on this issue…
And what is the issue that church leaders are being asked for leadership on?
The issue that church goers are looking leadership on is the issue of same sex marriage and they are seemingly getting leadership on this issue. The Catholic Church and the Presbyterian Church are actually writing to each politician in Northern Ireland outlining their opposition to same sex marriage.

I can understand being theologically opposed to same sex marriage but what I don’t understand is why opposing this particular issue is given so much air time and being treated with  so much gravity when there are so many other issues out there.

For instance, in Northern Ireland churches may want to ask the question of whether the fact that two men may want to get married is a bigger threat to the health of society than the fact that we have Protestant and Catholic schools where a Presbyterian child may not meet a Roman Catholic kid until they are 18 yrs old. Is the fact that churches have seemed to approve of Roman Catholic and Protestant schools helped to promote peace in Northern Ireland or contributed to the good of society? Has letters been sent by my church (the PCI) to politicians outlining their concerns on this issue?

Or what about climate change? Is the possibility that millions of people face becoming environmental refugees because of our consumer choices and addiction to fossil fuels less of a threat to the good of society than gay people wanting the right to get married?
What about drones being operated from UK air bases to conduct remote wars?
Were concerns about the war in Afghanistan or Iraq outlined to politicians?
What about collapsing buildings in Bangladesh because we like our right to buy clothes cheaply?
Are these less important issues for the church than the government wanting to say that gay people can get married?


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