the image that is not trying to sell you anything

I hate publicity.
This is probably a deeply hypocritical thing for someone like myself to write on a blog that I may tweet and  draw attention to.
So forgive the obvious contradiction this post will contain, just walk on past, nothing to see here, just roll with my hypocrisy and indulge it.

This is what tires me.

It’s the constant hyping up of things, the drawing attention to campaigns, the constant jostling for people to commit to someones  point of view, event worthy though many of them undoubtedly are.  Again I’m a hypocrite because I do the same. I did it today a few times. Sign a petition to get Amazon paying more corporation tax. Look at this man who has doodled on his kids lunch bags for the past number of years.

The spinning wears me down. Those who wear me down the most are those who only come a calling when they are selling their wares. I don’t mind people who are rounded, who engage with you on terms that are some other than what they are trying to sell or get you involved with. You feel like you’re not just being used or eyed up as someone who can be potentially used. You are not raw material for their cause or viewed as a commodity. These people are your genuine friends and care about you, they maybe care for you even more than they care for their cause. I understand that publicity isn’t bad either, it needs to be done and can be good. So when I say I hate publicity I probably don’t even mean that. But when it gets a point of making people aware and instead trying to manipulate or engineer a response over and over again then I hate that.

I am not sure what set me of on this. Well actually, I know perfectly well but I’m not saying.  I’m reminded of a translation of a bit of Colossians in Colossians Remixed:-

In an image-saturated world,
a world of ubiquitous corporate logoes
permeating your conciousness
a world of dehydrated and captive imaginations
in which we are too numbed, satiated and co-opted
to be able to dream of life otherwise
a world in which the empire of global affluence
has achieved the monopoly of our imagination
in this world
Christ is the image of the invisible God
in this world
driven by images with a vengeance
Christ is the image par excellence
the image above all other images
the image that is not a facade
the image that is not trying to sell you anything
the image that refuses to co-opt you.


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