technological society

I am wrestling a bit this week with ‘The Technological Society’ by Jacques Ellul, a really dense book which is about as much fun as getting your teeth pulled.

But just like getting your tooth pulled might be good for you (though not fun) this book is saying lots of stuff that is challenging but isn’t a fun read.
It’s challenging because you’re not really sure how to get a handle on what he is saying or how to exactly define it, but you know that there is some reason for that.
It’s a bit like Astral Weeks by Van Morrison. To me listening to it can be like getting your teeth pulled but there is something mysterious or other worldly about it, the way you can’t really get a handle on it makes you think it  has something important to say as  you can’t box it or tick the ‘listened to and liked box’ easily. Some Bob Dylan is like that as well.

So each time Jacque Ellul uses the word ‘technique’, ( which is about 5 times on every page ) and I still haven’t a clue what he is talking about and it frustrates me part of me wants to give up but another  part thinks  ‘Maybe if I read another page it will finally click’.  So here’s hoping. Or else I can just cheat and watch him on YouTube


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