brain overload

I’m tired. My brain hurts.

I understand that we’re to love our neighbour and to walk humbly before the Lord.
But I also increasingly understand that my neighbour isn’t just Alison or Mrs Cullen across the road, but my neighbour is global. My neighbour is anyone  and everyone on planet earth and that officially blows my brain up sometimes, such as today.  In a way I can’t love my neighbour as I haven’t time or worked out how I  was supposed to love the neighbour I heard about yesterday. Neighbours upon neighbours upon neighbours.

So it might be time to get off the Twitter feeds and Facebook feeds,
not because I don’t care about global poverty or global climate chaos,
or the price of food and how we waste so much food,
about how the poorest in society are being left behind by unfair economic policies or how big corporations avoid tax by basing themselves in offshore tax havens,
or GM foods,
or eating locally,
and getting involved in the church more
and remembering the persecuted and exploited
and human rights issues
and fish stocks dwindling
and our divided society
and drone strikes
and all that very important stuff that I’ve read about recently.



My brain though is tired from it all. I’d love to come to your event or to get involved with this or that but I’m so tired and wrecked that I’m of neither use to man nor beast.

Our brains and ability might be amazing, but can we deal with the deluge of news and opinions?

Life isn’t simple, so perhaps it’s time to simplify life? What can I do to simplify life?

Living simply might mean reducing the inputs so that the outputs are more grounded and useful.


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