Is Jesus everything, is the Kingdom of God everything, the pearl of immeasurable treasure or are we just fooling ourselves and the things we really should be getting passionate about the fact that Sinn Fein and the Alliance have taken down the flag.
Is our identity, our supreme identity as Christians Jesus and being Sons and Daughters of the Living God or is our real supreme identity being British,or Irish?
Does the idea that nothing can separate us from the love of God, not even death get us passionate about living, is that the real reality in our lives and lived experience, or is the real thing that matters most the fact that the other side have separated us from our flag and our slowly eroding your true identity?

As a Protestant,Presbyterian Christian is your true identity being British in a Northern Irish unionist sense or is your true identity being a servant in a Kingdom of God?

You can be separated from your Union flag.
But that should be OK because nothing can separate you from the love of God.
And if your a Christian surely that is what matters?


2 thoughts on “separation”

  1. Good questions.

    And yet ones that the church/denomination/Christian community have been slow to bother articulating.

    We seem bound up by the tangible (flags) and the sense of change from people believing something different, and unphased by God’s Cohesion and Solution for our Identity (CSI!)

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