church upon church

My faith is on unsteady ground at the moment, everything seems so unsure about it.  Things play into it and for the life of me I don’t see what makes Christianity ‘special’  sometimes. The flag protests this week played into that because here I am sitting in  an area with so many churches, church upon church where people like me have been encouraged for weeks, years, decades to worship God and yet what difference has it made to our society?  What difference do I make to the world?

We seem to specialize in wars over the way we do the catering in the church hall, like should we use the china plates or paper plates, or who gets to use what room, or in being ‘pastoral’ at the expense of never changing things around. So we have to bring people along with us slowly slowly, gently gently. Of course we do, but maybe we don’t? Maybe we just need to say, no, this is daft and there is no need for it any longer.

Anyway, I don’t know how it is we have so many church buildings and so much Christian in general yet we seem so lead footed and faith clumsy. What difference does this make to life, what makes us ‘special’?


One thought on “church upon church”

  1. I don’t have a good answer for you. I gave up a while ago after innumerable miserable experiences hoping that Christians would be somehow better than non-Christians. I am definitely not better than non-Christians. But then I look even at the twelve – they were a pack of idiotic, violent failures. Familiar!

    We need Jesus.

    Your contribution is not to make a difference to the world I don’t think. Nobody’s is. It’s got something to do with just “being” and I don’t meant that in a wishy-washy way. Learning to just “be” comes with massive challenges, like letting go of our need for control. But “just being” also involves flourishing, and flourishing comes about when we practice the virtues and enjoy the good gifts we do have.

    It’s hard to be a human being.

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