Flagsh Mobs


I overheard a conversation a few months back in which a man was telling another man that he was looking for a job after walking out of his old job in a bakery.

The reason he had left was that he was getting bullied at work somewhere in a bakery in north Ards by his supervisor who was an ardent loyalist and in a band. He said that ever since the incident with the loyalist flute band parading  around in circles outside St. Patrick’s Church in Belfast there had a been a nasty atmosphere in the workplace which had come to a head with his supervisor saying unprovoked derogatory things about his wife.

I guess the conversation had come to mind watching all this flag madness come to head the last couple of days. There is a dangerous undercurrent underneath it all, almost fascist I’d say, a bit like the Jews being attacked in the Nazi Germany or having their shops torched. What kind of mob forces a young lady to flee her home?
I was also wondering how much social media is feeding this?
With the riots in London last year a lot of organizing was done in ways that wouldn’t have been possible a few year backs.Now we have Facebook groups promoting protests and urging protestors to bring their Union flags. I was thinking that whereas  normal countries get flash mobs, we get flagsh mobs a decision to meet up at certain place and be a mob about flags.

Anyway, no point writing here or complaining about it. Not sure one of the lads smashing up an Alliance Party office is going to be reading this blog and then think to himself ‘Yes, Dave has a good point there. I think we will stop now’


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