‘Constantly comparing your lot with others, especially those who have more than you, is not a prescription for feeling safe. IF you are always worrying about whether you have enough money and the right appearance, or seeking fame, you are digging a hole for yourself which can never be deep enough – the proverbial bottomless pit. You will have a nameless sense that there is something else you should be doing, a free-floating anxiety. You will be depressively running yourself down because you do not do as well as other, moving the goalposts if you do succeed. At the same time, you may deal with your sense of inadequacy by falsely building yourself up (exaggerating your wonderfulness in a narcissistic compensation and by desperate attention-seeking’

Oliver James, Affluenza


2 thoughts on “insecurity..”

  1. This is exactly what we talked about at Donegal. As the wise woman Mullan told me, “Comparison is the theft of joy.” It comes from Teddy Roosevelt.

    This is a terrific quote, thanks for sharing. I think this is my lesson of the month. It’s hammering me from all sides.

    1. It’s a hard lesson to learn….sometimes I like being me, but most times I get down. Everyone else seems relatively normal and balanced…so what is wrong with me? Anyway, I should finish the paragraph.

      ‘To deal with feeling like shit – depression, anxiety and exaggerated self-love – you will medicate your unhappiness with booze, drugs or the aholias: work-, shop-, sex-, choc-and all the myriad other quick fixes that Selfish Capitalism is so adept at confecting and making profits from providing.’

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