The Want of Peace

Well I was going to have a rant about football and the environment, women bishops, church, you name it it might have been in this particular blog tonight. But instead I reached for a book of poetry by Wendell Berry and saw this poem, which calmed me down a bit and made me think about dreams and contentment. I’d much rather be musing on garden rows than musing on football rows.The poem also reminds me a bit of Psalm 131.

The Want of Peace

All goes back to the earth,
and so I do not desire
pride of excess or power,
but the contentments made
by men who have had little:
the fisherman’s silence
receiving the river’s grace,
the gardener’s musing on rows.

I lack the peace of simple things.
I am never wholly in place.
I find no peace or grace.
We sell the world to buy fire,
our way lighted by burning men,
and that has bent my mind
and made me think of darkness
and wish for the dumb life of roots.

Wendell Berry


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