I, frustrated

I am really frustrated as I feel I can’t communicate things that are deep inside me to people in a way that they’ll understand or even want to listen. Someone asked me last week if I liked writing and I tried to explain that I found it really hard to write, it makes me feel exhausted and at any rate I don’t feel particularly gifted with writing.
Yet here I am writing I suppose. But it’s alright typing how I’m feeling, but when it comes to things like expressing things I believe are wrong with the world or injustice, or if I want to point out beauty  or hope it drains me.

The biggest obstacle is trying to lose the word ‘I’. I dominates, especially on a blog and it makes you feel selfish in your writing. I don’t need to use the word I as much as I do. I don’t want my writing or art to be about me, but I’m not sure how to produce it with including me in it. See what I mean?


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