rocket stovery

I decided to try a meal on the rocket stove, H___ will go looking for her quick pasta mix one day and not find it because it’s gone, boom! eaten in 20mins, 10mins to get 125mls of milk, 300ml of water and a knob of butter boiling and 10mins to cook the pasta. I was happy with that, it didn’t use too much stick and the smoke died down. I think that less is more when it comes to feeding the sticks. If there are too many sticks the stove will smoke, the trick seems to be getting a steady flame without letting it die out.

I’m also wary of fumes and stuff,  but bear in mind that this is the life for many of the worlds poor. If you’ve ever been to the Ulster-American folk park one thing the sticks in the mind is the smell of smoke and turf from the fires in the poorly ventilated homes of centuries ago.



2 thoughts on “rocket stovery”

  1. Great to see people using the stoves! I did some work experience with Dr Paul Anderson aka Dr TLUD in Mozambique. I know it can be hard controlling the flames and smoke. Next time try allowing less primary air in once it’s started. Best of luck with the cooking 🙂

    1. thanks for the comment and the link:)…those TLUD’s look great, there are plenty of willow chippings they could burn on over here in Ireland…and we’ll have to try something fancier than a packet of pasta next time
      all the best

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