wild garlic pesto

Spring truly arrives in our house with the first wild garlic pesto of the year, an annual event that started back when we lived near the River Liffey and had access to a large bank of wild garlic.

It continues to this day but with the problem that I can no longer find wild garlic growing near the house and have to pick it up at St George’s Market, which means paying for it.
There are two ways to make the pesto I reckon, the expensive way and the cheap way.
If you use pine nuts and Parmesan (which is probably the right way) then you might end up with selling your kidney to fund your pesto.
However, I’m not that fussy or bothered about pine nuts or Parmesan and just used walnuts and a mature cheddar intead.
This year I also left out the clove of garlic that the recipe suggests adding as I found it a bit overpowering last year.

So  the recipe (from this book) was something like

1 Blanch 100g of wild garlic in boiling water for 10s, then run under cold water and pat dry.
2 Put garlic in big bowl with 200 ml of extra virgin olive oil and 50g of walnuts and liquidize.
3 Add 50g of mature cheddar cheese (you might need to add more to make it cheesy), add salt and pepper and mix.

Well that’s what I did and it tasted alright to me. You might have to experiment for your own taste I suppose.

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