goodbye Roland Alpha Juno 2

And so the financial pressures of the great global economic turn down and the impending crash of future family weddings and stag parties etc etc meant that it was time to part with the Roland Alpha Juno 2, an instrument that you might  recognise for it’s use in the Prodigy ‘Charlie Says Always Tell Your Mummy’  (or if not it certainly sounded like that anyway).

So in memory of my little piece of synth heaven (which I’ll never get back) here are some Roland Alpha Juno 2 sounds. You quickly notice that I can’t actually play the keyboard.

2 thoughts on “goodbye Roland Alpha Juno 2”

    1. ha, you’re right. The piano sounds are awful sounding… in fact most of the sounds don’t really sound like the thing they say they are (that’s a harpsichord?)…to my utter shame I didn’t even realise it was analogue until I went to sell it..I just assumed it was digital

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