‘The emergency services were also present’ – In the News, 23rd February 1989 ‘

My parents did an attic clear out and came across some of my old primary school notebooks. It’s weird reading them, but fun as well. Especially when so much of our memory is lost and shattered by the fast pace of life.
‘Yesterday after severe gales a ship has sunk off the coast of Scotland. The Panamanian ship was carrying a cargo. All the seventeen crew are thought to be killed. The cargo was carrying salt to Iceland. Helicopters were sent to the scene but rescue was nearly impossible. The ship was called the Secil Angola.

On Tuesday a memorial service was held at St. Annes Cathedral for the injured and relations of the M.1. aircrash. The service was conducted by the Archbishop of Armagh and important leaders of the church. Mrs Thatcher and the Duke of Gloucester were present.
The emergency services were also present.

A dam which is being planned to be on the Amazon is being protested at by tribes whose land would be flooded, killing many types of wildlife. Wildlife supporters want British Banks not to lend money to the Brazilian Government to the build the dam. It is claimed that a piece of land the size of Wales would be flooded.

Preparations are continuing for Hirohito’s funeral in Japan was is to be held tomorrow. It is the most expensive funeral in history. Important people from all over the world are to attend including George Bush and Prince Phillip.



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