25 ways to subvert the system

Sometimes I get so worked up about things I don’t like about the world that I neglect the things I do like about the world or the things I should do about the world. Here is a list of things I’m working on.

1 Get off Facebook

You don’t like corporate control in any other area of your life except Facebook, Amazon, ebay, Twitter. You won’t shop at Tesco on principle yet you’re always stuffing your face on Facebook. Don’t let yourself become a marketers dream.

2 Walk More

Get the blood pumping and take the time to learn your place.

3 Grow Herbs

Read the Wendell Berry essay ‘The Reactor and the Garden’ then go out and plant some coriander. You will save money next time you make a curry.

4 Buy from small,local retailers

If possible to keep diversity in your community.
The empires and systems want to homogenize us.
Which is why you should also get off Facebook. We’ve been homogenized and it’s not healthy

5 Bake Bread

Gain an understanding that it’s not Tesco or Hovis who provide our daily bread, it’s God. Touching the raw ingredients of bread makes you realise how we dependent on grace and farming and ultimately God

6 Name the Beasts

Or name the systems that oppress us. If we name them they have less power over us. The unknown has more power as we can’t define it.

7  Look for where power is Centred

Where are the HQ’s of the IMF, the WTO, the World Bank, Tesco, Google, Apple, corporate power? Don’t fail to see the actual people behind the shiny logo.  Look for where the lords hang out.

8 ‘All Roads lead to Rome’

Work out where the roads of empire lead to these days. Not to Rome but to Arkansas with WalMart or the HQ of BP or Royal Dutch Shell.

9 Read your Bible

If you’re Christian learn the Big Picture. Learn the real story of what is going on not just for the sake of reading it.

10 Jesus

As above. Follow the master

11 Say Grace

Relearn that it isn’t our technology and super markets that supply our daily bread, it’s something far more precious and fragile. Pray to God ‘Give us this day our daily bread’ and mean it

12 Write about Food

Again, learn that there are few things more important and vital to us than food and be grateful for it. It’s there to be enjoyed.

13 Make a Lunch Box System

When you’re out and about make it easier to grab something better for you than a Mars Bar to Tayto.

14 Draw and Dream Alternative Images

Try to imagine different possibilities

15 Write, Perform,Educative and Subversive Poetry

Undermine the tag lines and mission statements, take the piss out of them

16 Seek First the Kingdom

Ignore the claims of other kingdoms

17 Read some Irish Poetry/Legends

Learn about the culture of your homeland

18 Write Songs

It’s easier to slip truth through with a subtle lyric and tune

19 Read about Permaculture

So that you can place less demands on your home patch and be more like Adam was called to be in Eden

20 Ethical Clothing

Cloth yourself when possible with clothes that have been made by people who where not exploited for economic gain.  Choose fabrics that place less demands on economic systems.

21 Urban Farming

Try to encourage urban farming if possible. New Jerusalem sounds like a city garden with an orchard, bring heaven to earth.

22 Theology of Housework

See how you might be glorifying God when cleaning the toilet or washing grease pans to keep yourself sane.

23 Wormery

Turn vegetable waste into compost and use the worm casts to grow herbs and salad leaves. Be proud to have worms

24 Listen to good Music

Listen to all that good music you couldn’t afford to in the past with Spotify. Note the songs you like and why they are quality. Have a special place in your heart for protest songs.

25 Read some affirming Books

Read something you wouldn’t normally bother with, don’t neglect the novel and short story either in favour of non-fiction. Read some classics, read something different


5 thoughts on “25 ways to subvert the system”

  1. bonjour steve


    I don’t want to compete to get a job because I’m sick of culture and society being a competition……..and there just aren’t that many jobs which I could do so unfortunately it’s just not as simple as ‘get a job’ ,…if you’ve got a job you’d like me to do I’ll come over and do it…..,,

    what about I’m trying to earn my own way but it’s hard without trying to compete with your neighbour…but I’d like to try to do things differently

    what about I don’t have a TV or watch DVD’s, iplayer so this is what I do to chill out instead of watching Eastender’s or films…the average person in the uk watches 4hrs of TV a day…http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/jan/27/uk-tv-viewing-thinkbox….i might be on WordPress an hour a day…..not always that, maybe a bit more…..

    what about how do you know if I contribute to society or not. Do you know me? I don’t know you but obviously you’re contributing to society so much that you took the time to leave me a comment….you’ll prob not even see this comment though because you’ll be so busy out there contributing to society

    1. cool…I was looking at the worms today…I think they’re my chickens or bees only they don’t give you eggs or honey, just pee and some extra rich compost…eventually if you can wait long enough…I don’t have enough but was worried that they wouldn’t survive the winter…but it’s been mild so they’ve been grand so far (queue March blizzards and sub-zero temperatures)

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