the weight of religion / oppressed/ repressed/ depressed/not sure

A few conversations from the minister to the wife and friends has me wondering why religion feels so heavy in this part of the world?
It is suffocating and hard to free yourself from it. It lays heavy burdens on people and doesn’t lift a finger to help. Or at least it feels that way to me.

My wife mentioned the word ‘repressed’ and I countered with ‘oppressed’ and maybe the word ‘depressed’ could be all added into the mix.

Walking  home from Tate’s Avenue to my part of Lisburn I counted something like 19 different Protestant churches of different denominations.
In Lisburn itself there is something like 106 different churches (probably more and I don’t think that includes chapels).
Yet…….well I can’t do words to what is wrong.

The atmosphere doesn’t seem right in proportion to the number of church goers and places of worship. Is that fair to say?

It is hard to talk about this stuff as it’s home for many people. They love it here.
As for church or a church, how do you even begin to talk about church and not come all over self righteous and bitter?
It’s a variation on the old line of ‘everytime you point the finger three more point back at you’.  As so we go around and around in the same old structures doing what we do and have always done and will probably always do.

I have to stop, it’s dragging me down…

2 thoughts on “the weight of religion / oppressed/ repressed/ depressed/not sure”

  1. I definitely empathize with you. My own experience with Christianity felt much the same way near the end. I just posted an article dealing with this specific issue ( I would encourage you to read it. In it, I deal with the weights that Christianity foists upon its adherents, and how it traps people into positive feedback loops (which are anything but positive). Please let me know if this helps you in any way.

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