Roses tin Rocket Stove No.1

And so it came to pass that I got the notion of making a rocket stove into my head. I thought it would be nice to have the ability to have a cup of tea if the electricity goes out and to make soup and stuff like that.

The rocket stove is said to be easily constructed, hyper efficient and simple.
Needless to say I found it to anything but easily constructed especially when you can’t find one of those big catering cans and have to try and be creative with  left over sweet tins (don’t tell the church catering ladies what has happened their traybake tins)

Then there is the trying to cut holes accurately so that the tins fit together tightly(while not lacerating you hands on the jagged edges and not skewing the tins out of shape) and finding cat litter or the like to insulate the stove.

Stories about how 8yr old Boy Scouts once made 4 in an hour made me feel ashamed at my lack of rocket stove skill and so I persevered until something very roughly approxiamating to a rocket stove took shape

I fired the kettle on and it took 20mins to boil 800ml of water using a bit of wood about 1.5in x 0.5in x 12in.
It was obviously very inefficient due to the amount of smoke coming out the chimney (that was the plume of smoke over Lisburn at noon today) but I’m going to see how quickly I can boil 800ml of water on an improved one using less wood and with hopelly less smoke.


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