There are probably more important resolutions to make for ’12 (learn to drive, stop biting my nails, find a decent job etc etc)  but the one that sticks in my head is to grow large quantities of coriander (and larger quantities of parsley).  So many recipes seem to call for it, particularly curries and the like and there is always regret that I have none to hand or that I am being a charged a small fortune for it at the supermarket.

Another reason for trying to grow some at home is that it doesn’t keep well and turns  into a sloppy, slimy blackened mess at the back of the fridge before too long.

My final reason for growing coriander is that my brother-in-law, the Spanish seed salesman tells me that it is easy to grow. He laughed in fact at my inability to grow the stuff. So in order to restore pride to the canal ways household it is time to grow coriander.

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