don’t leave all the windows lying open…

The Nutella jar lying open, cheese half finished on the bread board, half finished cups of tea and crumbs all over the show. This is a sight frequently witnessed in our kitchen, all over our house. Half finished jobs, the products of a hyper-active being who doesn’t seem to be able to focus.

That person is yours truly of course, the messy pup. But this morning I wondering if this habit of leaving things open and unfinished might be related to the way I use the computer,

Right now as I try to concentrate on typing this I have one window open on ebay, where I am watching an auction and hoping that someone swoops in at the last minute and buys my box of unwanted Penguins,
another window open on a discussion forum about cold radiators as I try to solve our permanently cold bathroom radiator,
below there is a window open with my scanner as I try to scan in pictures of books,
a tab open with postage costs open and a Microsoft Paint window open.

And that is a simplified version of all the balls I’m trying to juggle at once. Normally Facebook might be open, Hotmail and possibly The Guardian website.

If you lived like this for most of the day, with different planes of thought and trying to get jobs done all at the same time but getting none done then why wouldn’t our brains think the same when it comes to the kitchen or the other jobs in our ‘normal’ day?

Maybe the mess of the kitchen is a reflection of the way my brain is being trained by to much computer and internet use. Perhaps I should make it a rule to only have one box open at a time and to do whatever needs done before closing it…


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