If all the cows in Ireland were thirsty how long would it take them to drink all the water in Lough Neagh?

Well Rachel from Wexford.

“Lough Neagh is the biggest Lough in the British Isles measuring over 300 square km’s. It contains over 800 billion gallons of water, enough to fill 7 million swimming pools.”

So if we take Lough Neagh as having 800 billion gallons of water.

For cattle numbers in Northern Ireland
The number of dairy cows decreased by 1%, to 281,100; while the number of beef cows increased by 1% to 258,200. This is the first year beef cow numbers has not fallen since 1998.
For the Republic of Ireland
There are 5,848,100 cows in the Republic of Ireland as of December 2009 according to the Central Statistics Office of Ireland.

I got a figure of 25-50 gallons of water per cow per day.

If we take the lower number (25gallons per day)

25  gallons x (5.8million + 0.26 million + 0.28 million cows) =
159, 685, 000 gallons per day for all the cows in Ireland

800, 000, 000, 000  gallons of Lough Neagh / 159, 685, 000 gallons daily for all the cows =  5009 days
= 13.7 years

I suppose another way of looking at it is how long would it take a cow to drink one swimming pool worth of water (saying Lough Neagh is 7million swimming pools and Ireland is supposed to have over 6million cows)

However, the number of cows does seem very high to me. And perhaps they’re only calves. So in other words, approx 14 years could be completely wrong…

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