I got round to thinking what with the harvest and all, and a blooming love for porridge and oats how much land would we roughly need to sow with oats to keep us in porridge for a year?

To make a bowl of porridge I take 40g of oats.
That equals 40g x 2 of us X 365 days in year = 29.2 kg

29.2kg of oats per year.

But what kind of yield should we be looking for in oats per acre or backyard?
There seems to be great variation depending on weather conditions, artificial fertiliser use (which I’d like to avoid), this or that etc etc

After some searching around I found one place that gave a guestimate – anywhere from a disappointing 2.25t/acre to the more normal 3.2t/acre (according to the farmer)

I’ll just take the disappointing figure of 2.25t/acre = 2250 kg per acre and play it safe,remembering that this was for farmers planting hundreds of acres of oats.

2250 kg /29.2 kg = ~ 77 i.e one 77th of an acre to grow the 29.2 kg we use per year.

1 acre = ~4046 sq m’s

4046 /77 = 52 sq metres

However that can’t be right(not that it was going to be anyway)

The oats we eat in our porridge have been processed and had the husk removed for starters, and the only figure I can see (though it’s for fodder oats in the USA) is 25% of the weight of the oat grain.

So we should increase that 52 square metres by at least another 25% i.e 65 squares metres.I think the oat grains have probably been dried as well but its late and this probably isn’t a calculation for a laptop.

But if we roughly say 65 square metres.
Say a patch of land 8 metres X 8 metres?


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