Wordle Old Testament

Wordle: GenesisGenesis
Wordle: ExodusExodus
Wordle: LeviticusLeviticus
Wordle: NumbersNumbers
Wordle: DeuteronomyDeuteronomy
Wordle: JoshuaJoshua
Wordle: JudgesJudges
Wordle: RuthRuth
Wordle: 1 Samuel1 Samuel
Wordle: 2 Samuel2 Samuel
Wordle: 1 Kings1 Kings

Wordle: 2 Kings2 Kings

Wordle: 1 Chronicles1 Chronicles
Wordle: 2 Chronicles2 Chronicles
Wordle: EzraEzra
Wordle: NehemiahNehemiah
Wordle: EstherEsther
Wordle: JobJob

Wordle: PsalmPsalm
Wordle: ProverbsProverbs
Wordle: EcclesiastesEcclesiastes
Wordle: Song of SongsSong of Songs
Wordle: IsaiahIsaiah
Wordle: JeremiahJeremiah
Wordle: LamentationsLamentations
Wordle: EzekielEzekiel
Wordle: Daniel Daniel
Wordle: HoseaHosea
Wordle: JoelJoel
Wordle: AmosAmos
Wordle: ObadiahObadiah
Wordle: JonahJonah
Wordle: MicahMicah
Wordle: NahumNahum
Wordle: HabakkukHabakkuk
Wordle: HaggaiHaggai
Wordle: ZechariahZechariah
Wordle: Malachi


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