Animal Farm

So I unexpectedly picked up a nice old Penguin copy of Animal Farm in The Linen Hall Library booksale and brought it home.

Then this evening, just before intended to go to bed I picked it up again and now 3hrs later I’m here, barely awake, freezing to death but happy and Animal – Farmed out.

I’ve never read a book through in one sitting before which speaks volumes about it’s simplicity and readability. Yet the book is also powerful,wise and deep.

I’ve really enjoyed reading George Orwell this year, mainly because I don’t tire or get bored of his writing style for whatever reason. Well apart from ‘Homage to Catalonia’ which bored the pants of me.

So Animal Farm.
How do we rebel against injustice and change things without falling into the traps of power and greed? What does it mean to be free?
Who are the pigs?

Yes, it’s late at night and I’ve tired eyes but what does it say to those rebellions and uprisings that I could get angry enough to join? Do we have to accept that powerful people will always have authority and rule over us no matter what happens in this present life?

Anyway, I can’t imagine many quick reads out there would have as big an impact.

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