play-doh economics

economic crisis
Greek defaults
eurozone collapse
double dip recession
quantitive easing – economic growth – etc etc.

if you had a kids party
with more and more children coming through the door
and only one bucket of the Lego to go around

and at this party the biggest kids
grabbed the most important, coolest blocks
then went off to build something amazing
in the corner
and the biggest kids demanded more and  more blocks
to keep on building big and cooler things

the small kids want something more
than their very basic Lego blocks
so that they can build something basic (like a simple home)

and all the time there are more kids coming through the door
who waned  to start building

with still only one Lego bucket to go around

then there is going to be tears at this party

The selfish, overly-aggressive kids
have made a grab for the best blocks
see it as their right
demand them
and expect them
To build a lunar space centre and irobots

while the smaller, weaker kids
sat crying in the corner with only a few basic blocks.
bigger kids need to share and stop hogging  bricks
and learn to live with much, much less.

do the greedy kids need to be firing things into space?
do the greedy kids need the latest version of the i-thingy?
do we need to buy a brand new book if there is a used book from the 60s?

do I need more bricks?


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