online life offline riot

What’s been going on in the last few months?

It’s all kicking off or something.
Anyway, yesterday morning I was thinking a bit about the nature of these riots over in England and was wondering if the medium of the internet had become the message.
The way these people was acting in public seemed to echo the way things are online.

individualistic (though in a mob)
‘free content’

Well it seemed to make more sense early yesterday morning.

It’s seemed that the online troll had taken his behaviour and was treating London like he might the internet. Surfing up one street, then surfing down to another street, then ‘downloading’ some free content (like plasma TVs or bling) and being nasty, aggresive and anti-social believing that it doesn’t really matter, you won’t be policed or stopped because nobody knows who you are.

That’s one of the reasons I reckon anyway. In the old days parents (if you really believe in such things) gave moral guidance, then kids where raised by TV and the few TV shows on the few channels you would get in your room, but in the last decade or more perhaps the internet and web has been raising kids and giving them habits, ideas, morals and ways of looking at the world.

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