where would Jesus shop?

Technology has stretched our boundaries out so much that we live in what feels like a global village. Perhaps you are reading this in another part of the world  and its morning while here in Northern Ireland where I sit presently and part of me believes that if you are, then we are connecting in some way as my neighbour but more. You are almost my friend. Technology has created this world in which I believe that it is possible to be friends with all 6 billion plus people of the world. Thinking about this makes me nearly mentally ill. We are finite creatures, we are limited and if I can’t know my wife, this person who I should know how could I know you?

Yet this is the world we live in. Facebook,iPhones,cheap planes.

So it feels that everytime I make decision, an ethical decision that it has worldwide implications and may effect someone in India or Peru or here in Belfast. How are you supposed to stay sane in such a world and not go crazy?

So perhaps its time to start thinking in terms of our literal neighbours more, people we can physically touch within physical limits. Like a church parish or townland because something is wrong if I have some random person reading this and feel connected yet I don’t know the name of the alcoholic neighbour two doors down or why the Portugese family two doors up moved out.  How can we live in our homes online?Why am I doing this and not going out to my local and having a pint with some man who lives within walking distance?Who are you reading this?Will we ever meet?

So it is that we should think about where we trade our goods and how we farm the land locally.

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