tags and categories

I haven’t been posting much the last few weeks between holidaying and tidying, and I’ve been taking stock of where I am in life. Today I went through all my posts on  the blog to see what categories (which are loosely based around school subjects) and tags have occupied me most here on the blog.

That might seem like a self absorbed thing to do, but one of the reasons for keeping the blog in the first place was to keep track on stuff due to my rubbish memory, which is probably getting worse in this age of Google and computers.

So my Top 10 are, in order are

1 Geography
2 Business Studies
3 Home Economics
5 RE
6 Biology
7 Music
8 Art
9 History
10 Chemistry

While for tags

1 Sustainability
2 Belfast
3 Empire
4 Lisburn
5 Doodles
6 colossians remixed remixed
7 The Sea
8 Song Drawings
9 Technology

I’ve actually found this exercise quite helpful, for some reason. I guess life at the moment is all about how Mrs Canalways and myself live as  a family, how we run our home (the home economics bit) in the face of empire, consumerism, angels and principalities (business studies).
For me  the link between home economics and the kingdom of God seems quite strong while the link between big business and sins seems even stronger.
I don’t expect that I would be able to explain myself very well about that link. Perhaps its because so much power lies with the companies throughout the globe, and the companies are geared to anti kingdom values. Not sure, but I do know that Mrs Canal Ways would like the laptop so that’s as far as the thinking can go tonight/


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