all roads lead to New York (JP Morgan Chase)

This is one of these things that seemed like a good idea, then you realise after spending time on it that its not but have spent too much time on it not to finish it.
Somewhere in my head I got the phrase ‘all roads lead to Rome’ , a phrase that speaks of the might of Empire and the centralisation of power. And the roads to Rome were straight.At least I think they were.
So then I wondered if I could start mapping the roads to the capitals of power  in our world. So taking the top company on the Forbes list I did this map

It seemed to make sense at the time. It’s not accurate (I didn’t join up three places in Brazil, didn’t do Canada either), but the lines are meant to be from the offices I could see listed on JP Morgan Chase website to their HQ in New York.

I think its good to visualise where the power is centred, who the false gods and empires are that we may be living under so that we can live a different sort of life. That probably doesn’t make sense, but I’m wrestling with things and just flinging it out.
This I can imagine the wealth being filtered along these routes back towards the elites in ‘Rome’ as well.


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