journeys on the 6 o’clock news

Pictures of hell from east Africa, a  mother walking for days just to reach a refugee camp, selecting a a child to die to give the other children a better chance of survival.

Next item, the space shuttle blasts of into space for it’s final journey. Soundbites of Americans who have travelled for thousands of miles just to see the space shuttle make its final journey. ‘The most amazing thing I have ever seen’ claims one lady.

Next news item, William and Kate tour Canada and take in a rodeo show, hug a child and bestow blessings on the land.

Those pictures from Africa are etched on my eyes. On one hand charities are urging us to donate money so that our brothers and sisters will survive, that a mother won’t have to decide which of her children has least chance of survival.

On the other hand a space rocket blasts into space with four astronauts (cost $450 million for each mission).
On yet another hand we’re finding it hard that we might not get to Greenbelt this year, to sit around drinking a few beers and having a bit of banter with friends.
On my fourth hand, I complain that the summer her in Ireland has been a bit too damp for our liking, we can’t sit outside and have a barbeque.

I don’t care anymore – we’ve been living such greedy lifestyles for so many years, in a position of grandeur and wealth. We might have to survive in our Western culture, we do deserve a holiday or the chance to spend money and relax but we can’t keep on doing the wasting food thing, or over-eating thing, or luxurious holiday thing, or fancy car thing. We might have to live in culture where our friends live like this, and we might have to live amongst our friends and survive but we need to face the fact that we’re too greedy with the world’s resources, that we’re too greedy. We need to be content with what we’ve got.

We need to stop justifying our greed and learn to live more simply, we need to start sharing things more. You don’t need to buy a new drill if we’re putting up a picture, you can borrow mine. You don’t need to buy a new car to go to work, I drive past there everyday and can give you a lift. You don’t need to buy that book, I’ve a copy which you can have.


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