moulded by machines

We often change our direction in life and how we would really like to do things to  accommodate our machines.

This became clear to me when thinking about the home recording process. Often I have a melody and clear idea in my head of how I would like a song to be. Yet there is  another involved in the process, the machine.

My banjo does not possess the skill to change the way he sounds, to stay in tune no matter where I go on the fret board and so I change to accommodate him. I must drop the banjo lick high up the fret board and stick to something that will suit him. He has moulded me and my work, my song has been changed. He doesn’t have the capacity to change.

That’s not to say that the end result is always going to be bad, it’s just to be aware that the limitations of the tool colour the sound and feel of the song. It was a partnership, but an inequal one.

What about the computer and the internet? How does it’s limitations alter the way we would like to go in life?
Sometimes the idea that we can connect and network to people around the world seems to offer us endless opportunities, a chance to change the world.

Yet are we being moulded by our machines?Do we realise that we’re being targeted by corporations intent on making money? Or that we’re only really connected to wealthy world?

Are we being moulded into imbalanced human beings, beings that are big on lazy sight and using our brain (to a certain extent) but being denied the touch of real people in exchange for the touch of plastic.


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