the tow path

Mrs Canal Ways got me thinking about why I record songs and then squirrel them away from friends and family while I put them up in the corners of cyberspace that most people don’t see.
It’s probably pride I guess. When its strangers you don’t really know if they’re just being nice but the closer people get to you the easier it is to read them (or think you can read them).
So basically it’s a bit nerve wrecking to put them to general public scrutiny, but far worse to them to family and friends scrutiny.

It would be easier if I could write songs that were less impersonal and beyond me and my world, but I can’t do it. So what do you?
Sit back and do nothing? Well,I guess not. Sometimes you’ve just got to write songs and put them out there.


3 thoughts on “the tow path”

  1. ‘my heart’s broken down’ is amazing. A jolly little rift contrasted with a vocal full of pain. Just played it to my sister who thinks you’re amazingly talented too.

    Is that you harmonising with yourself on ‘hop along jim’ ? Love the Chorus.

    Love to see a future blog post on your home studio equipment and how you make a track.

    Your friend Bob.

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