It’s not that I haven’t been short of things to write about here on the blog, but rather there is a thicket of thoughts to hack through and make sense of. So many things to repent about and good things I could be doing, but instead the tug between everything results in me doing nothing and inertia, or movement paralysis.
I’ve also been busy drawing again, nothing amazing but just drawing little cards and things.
Also food. I think food is a way for me to engage with the world in a positive Kingdom way. It’s just hard to explain that to people.
But perhaps the far better way would be to stick at learning to bake nice bread and give it to people, or make nice soup and have people over to the house for a bit of banter. Like we all need to eat food, we don’t all need to write or draw. Daily bread and food. Vincent van Gogh said something like ‘A good picture is equivalent to a good deed. ‘ – and it is. Yet food and eating is more universal, a thing that we hold in common with our neighbours whoever they are.

So what this long rambling post is trying to say is that I’m fascinated by food at the moment. At night I like nothing more than curling up to sleep with a cookery book. I’ve been building up a small collection of books the last year or so and you can never have enough.

I’ve built up a plan of the way I’d like to go. For the base seasonal veg/fruit and wholegrains/pulses then build on that.
I reckon that if I want to eat healthy thats the way to go, but its easier said than done. Many of the cookery books aren’t written that way or aren’t organised that way. The think that is hardest is how to organise the recipes into a useful way to eat properly and with as little waste as possible. Thats m dilema. Part of me would like to cut up all the cookery books and arrange them into a big master folder that would sit in a useful place, sort of like a book of spells.

This is a drawing by Vincent van Gogh of a girl carrying a loaf of bread in case anyone is wondering.


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