I read this line today in this book and it got me thinking about security.

‘We are daily beating our ploughshares into swords and our pruning hooks into spears in the name of the false good ‘security’

The question that kept repeating to myself was ‘Is security really a false god?’. After some thought on the streets of Belfast I had to agree – security is an awful false god.

In many ways the thoughts about security started last week when I got lambasted by extended family members on my lack of direction in life. After they had shouted at me about my hair length  and on and on they asked what I would like to do. I said that I would quite like to be an organic farmer but they laughed in derision saying that I needed to find something that paid because there was no money in organic farming.

When I countered that as a Christian there are more important things than money they recoiled in horror saying that you needed money to pay for heating oil and so you can give money to the poor.

Not that there reaction is that surprising given that the eldest grandson is drifting so badly in life yet perhaps their reaction had just as much to do with their fears than mine?

Today I realised the connection between their reaction (which has been a common theme growing up) and  much of the competitive, self seeking  lives that people and nations lead. It’s the struggle security. It’s fairly obvious when I type it now, but the word ‘security’ has eluded me until now.

Members of my extended family (rightly) want to know that they are secure, that I am secure  but value and fear the false god of security more than the God who is our security, our strong tower. The god of security must be obeyed and sacrifices laid at his alter.

How much of our lives is spent in a battle to be secure?
How much do we worry when we’re not secure?

We want security from pain, suffering, death, being hurt.
We want to be secure in the knowledge that we and our loved ones will be allowed to flourish.
So we want money because having it will afford us some level of security and give our loved ones a greater chance to flourish.
We have security forces , alarms and warning signs, health insurance.

Yet these things fail us because no matter how much we worship them they can’t make us truly secure, they’re false gods.  How did I miss this before?


2 thoughts on “security?”

  1. bonjour la Joan
    I think I’d like to be an organic farmer….then I’d have a cycle with a little cart to do deliveries. In the winter and non farming season I’d sell 2nd hand books, perhaps have a little cottage attached to the manse for artists to come and write or record music or just chill….it would have to be in nice part of the world though. I keep hearing that line from theFleet Foxes songs ‘Helplessness Blues’…..

    ‘If I had an orchard
    I’d work till I’m raw
    If i had an orchard
    I’d work till I’m sore

    And you would wait tables
    And soon run the store’

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