parrots of the caribbean

I opened a wee online shop on Etsy back in November and have been learning the ropes of online sales.

At the start I had hoped to focus on a different school subject each month and stock old books around that subject and home made zines, or drawings.

Then I had a flurry of sales (because it was round Christmas) and just decided to try and see what types of books people liked.

I picked randomly  and ended up with some books that aren’t very sexy or exciting (well in my opinion anyway) in case other people might think them sexy and exciting.

I guess the question I was wondering is  ‘should you only stock books  you are passionate about or should you stock books that other people might like?’

So I ended up with a random selection of books which I didn’t know what to do with.
Then last weekend I decided to get back to trying to make something unique and handmade to go with the books and began doodling a card (or drawing) that had some connection to the book.Hence the parrot.

The past week has involved doodling…(well doodling until the head gasket on the Fiat Punto blew up). I have to try and learn to doodle fast and hope that a bit of humour or something gets through because it won’t be very cost effective if I spend 4hrs making a lovely little card to give away free with a book that cost £3.99.

On the downside it may look like a big kid was doodling. Which is more than half true because a big kid was doodling.

Which is a ll a not so elaborate way to say that I’ve a wee ‘shop’ here (called The Wee Shed) if you’re interested in some random books with unique drawings.
I’ve not really shown any of my friends or family it before, so perhaps I should work on my promoting skills.

Hopefully I’ll get The Wee Shed blog going this week and find a cheap, reliable, sexy used car. And sell enough books to go somewhere nicer than Lisburn on holidays.


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