wild garlic pesto

A few years ago I made wild garlic pesto from a large patch of wild garlic that grew near our old house in Lucan.
My wife (a nice lady if ever there was one) has declared it one of her favourite recipes and so in an effort to be a nice husband to a nice lady I tried to make some more this year.

Now having moved to a house beside the River Lagan you would have thought it easy to locate wild garlic.
Not so.
I have  taken a few detours over the past couple of weeks looking for the stuff but no.
So I was happy to see some on sale at St George’s Market  last Saturday at the Millview Farm stand for 50p a bag.
Thank goodness for that.

The recipe I followed is from Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook, which is one of  my favourite recipe books, if not my favourite.

Basically get 100g of wild garlic leaves and boil in water for ~10secs, then cool quickly with cold water and dry.
Add the leaves to a bowl with 200ml of extra virgin oil, 50g of walnuts(or pinenuts if you’ve just won the lottery and can afford to buy them), 2 cloves of garlic (though I only used one) and whisk/blend together into a paste.
Then add 50g of grated parmesan and carefully season.


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