Mother’s Day flowers + tax

I managed to pick up a copy of The Corporation in a second hand book shop and once again have been thinking again about the power of corporations and the influence they have on our lives, all out lives.

One idea or truth is that corporations are a legal person, but a  person who is required by law to seek the bottom line above everything else.

That clip is from a documentary called ‘The Corporation’ which is an interesting watch if you ever get the chance.
This truth challenges  my head when it comes to things of  living for a different Kingdom because there are so many implications for how we go about our daily life, with corporations and companies such a huge influence of our lives. I would think they are a much bigger influence on our lives than the governments of countries even.

And because they are so all encompassing, powerful and mighty we depend on them for our survival – they are the kingdom’s of our time, so strong and too big to fail.

Yet I can’t help comparing the person of Jesus full of grace and truth with the person of  [insert corporation] who are required by law to seek the bottom line above everything.  Seeking the bottom line above everything else is the opposite to everything we believe in.

This is another interesing video clip on The Guardian website about flower growing in Kenya and the way companies dodge paying tax, even though the standard’s for workers have improved.


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