depression and healing (I’d love to wear a rainbow on my back)

I’m just thinking out loud here.
Last night I’d an unexpected offer from one family member who phoned me (completely out of the blue) asking/demanding that I come along with him to a religious meeting  in Lurgan on Friday night.

The details about who or what this meeting was about was shrouded in mystery.

I can’t stress how strange this offer was. He wanted me to ‘clean my my face’ and ‘will you come along with me to the meeting then?’.
When pressed what this mysterious meeting was actually about it seemed to be about healing with an ex priest and nun.

Basically I think that family members think I’m depressed and on the ropes generally in life and want me to be healed from something or other.

I’m not sure how I feel about this type of diagnosis and if I want ‘healed’ from what I have (if I’ve anything)

I find the idea of depression a strange phantom that rattles around because when does the normal experience and disappointments of life, those bitter experiences that mar us and make us feel naturally low become an illness that can be identified and treated?

Is feeling unhappy and gloomy for months on end and displaying natural unhappiness a sign that you’re sick in the head and or is it just natural part of living in a broken and sad world?

When a family member rings looking to bring you to a service of healing in some small Ulster town it’s like they’re ruling that the type of life you’ve been living is wrong,the vibes you send out are all wrong and should be rectified.

And if I was ‘healed’ from being so gloomy or negative would I be the same type of person or someone else? Would I be me?

Of course I don’t think that living negatively/fearfully is the way to go, or languishing with no hope of  redemption but life is hard isn’t it? How can we draw close to people in times of suffering if we haven’t suffered ourselves?

Anyway, Johnny Cash says it best. You’ll have to go to Youtube to watch mind


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